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The Parks Community Network – Brand Refresh


The Parks Community Network
The Parks Community Network - Zadro Agency


  • To refresh the brand while retaining the current name.
  • To represent The Parks Community Network which exists today.
  • To help The Parks Community audience find and identify the organisation.
  • To assist in the organisation’s drive to increase funding from the government and other bodies.
  • To create a visual identity which connects with the people both internally and externally at The Parks Community Network.
  • To help achieve mission, vision and goals for the future organisation.


  • A strategic approach to the process of rebrand was taken.
    • This included: Understanding who the organisation is, why they exist, what they want to be, and what the organisation wants to achieve in the coming years.
  • Zadro developed a new brand to represent the whole organisation.
  • Zadro undertook creative research, colour mapping, design and concept, concept refinement and incorporated client feedback, to create a cohesive brand.


  • Zadro developed a new primary logo, secondary logo and a logo for each of the seven different services currently offered by The Parks Community Network, which can be extended as new services are offered.
  • The logo was made up of elements which are a visual representation of the different components of the organisation.
  • Visual devices were created to be used as a branding element in Parks Community Network communications.
  • Key items of collateral were designed including: business cards, letterheads, pull up banners and a PowerPoint template.
  • Key language was refined, including vision and mission.
  • A new tagline was developed.
  • Key messages were written to ensure consistency across all communications.
“We had been looking to rebrand our organisation for a while. Zadro did a fabulous job working on developing our logo and collateral items. The time and attention to detail were incredible. The team were very professional and understood our needs. We now have a brand that puts us in a very strong position today and will also stand us in good stead for the future. Thank you so much!”
Tairyn Vergara, CEO, The Parks Community Network