Terms & Conditions

For any enquiries please email: advice@zadroagency.com.au

OUR TERMS ARE 14 DAYS. This quote is valid for three months from date of issue.

This proposal reflects the current understanding of the project. Any changes to the brief or direction will incur additional costs covering time, travel or third parties.

We have a credit limit of $8,000. We reserve the right to cease work until the amount which exceeds this limit is paid.

Expenses incurred whilst carrying out the project such as travel, taxis, Ubers, international telephone costs, postage, courier, parking, purchase of images, web developers, teleconferencing, media monitoring and third party suppliers such as printers and other associated costs will be invoiced to client.

A 20% administration fee is charged for handling external supplier invoices.

We guarantee confidentiality in all matters relating to your company. All copyright, intellectual property and material remains the property of your company.

This quote is valid for three months only from the date of quotation.

All hourly rates are final. If invoices are not paid, they will be referred to a debt-collection agency.

Whereby projects are delayed due to client issues, additional costs may occur. Clients who delay rolling out the project will not necessarily have payments returned. Paid projects must be used in the same financial year, unless otherwise discussed.

For One-off Projects:

A 50% deposit is required to commence. 50% payable upon delivery of the project unless a pre-arranged payment is agreed to by both parties.

For Retained Programs:

All Retained Programs are billed at the beginning of each month. If hours worked exceed the monthly contracted amount by more than 10 hours, the additional time will be billed in the relevant month.

Any hours worked in addition to the monthly retained hours upon cessation of the contract.

If deliverables associated with events, campaigns and public relations activities are delayed due to your / the client’s change in priorities or COVID-19, ZADRO cannot complete more or additional work, without an agreed altered scope of work and revised budget.

ZADRO is not liable for more work required to market or to promote events, campaigns or public relations activities where there exists a change in dates and / or cancellations due to a change in priorities, COVID-19, or other issues. If an event organiser / client moves event dates, the client is liable for additional work to promote the event.

For projects underway, ZADRO reserves the right to cease working after a three-month delay if arrangements for a new scope of works or budget are not negotiated. ZADRO reserves the right to refuse the movement of a project beyond the end of a financial year without prior and written agreement.

If a ZADRO representative attends an event as part of an agreed scope of works, and travel plans to and from the event are impacted, either due to the requirement to isolate, quarantine or not attend, the client will accept liability for the cost of travel and associated expenses, including but not limited to food, transfers, telephone and internet , associated costs, etc. Where the ZADRO representative cannot work due to impacted travel or restricted movement, the client will be charged $700 per day per ZADRO representative.