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The Free Range Butcher – Brand Kit


The Free Range Butcher - Zadro Agency


  • To develop a communications plan focussing on The Free Range Butcher’s mission, the products and availability the brand offers as well as tactical/seasonal messaging
  • To communicate the benefit of free range produce, and position it as a high-quality, clean and sustainable source direct from farm to table
  • To develop a suite of marketing collateral items to promote The Free Range Butcher’s products
  • To ensure consistency in the branding throughout the roll out of marketing and communications materials


  • Zadro developed key messaging to be used across social media
  • Zadro designed a campaign visual to communicate a ‘fresh from the farm’ feel
  • Zadro designed and built a suite of graphics and options in Free Range Butcher’s Canva account to be used across Instagram and Facebook
  • Zadro designed collateral for merchandise


  • The set of easy-to-use Canva templates allowed the client greater flexibility to produce and share content
  • The system of designing content has saved the client time
  • The creation of the ‘grass’ ident used in the marketing solidified the positioning of the brand as a fresh, sustainable and clean supplier