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Membership Marketing – TABMA


TABMA - Zadro Agency


  • To provide a strategic marketing approach to TABMA’s membership renewals
  • To help communicate the amazing work the organisation and team provide across their training, advocacy, recruitment and support services
  • To raise awareness of the new membership benefits TABMA developed for their 2020 renewals
  • To maintain retention of membership for TABMA, attract new members and increase engagement in TABMA’s services
  • To refresh the look and feel of the TABMA brand identity to provide consistency in message and design
  • To create a digital marketing plan and assets to begin integrated communications across their website, social media and email marketing
  • To create email newsletter templates to professionally position the brand through direct digital marketing


  • Zadro worked with the team to re-develop the value proposition, membership benefits and taglines
  • Zadro designed a new visual look and feel including the key value proposition for the TABMA brand
  • A new visual brand style guide was developed
  • A membership renewals integrated marketing campaign was created and implemented across the TABMA website, email marketing, social media and print materials
  • Email marketing templates, content, schedule and activities were reviewed, and a new strategy and assets developed for the TABMA team to implement


  • Successfully launched the membership renewals campaign engaging existing members and gaining new memberships
  • Re-positioned TABMA and created a robust brand identity
  • Implemented new email marketing templates and a digital marketing content strategy