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SRC Constructing Creativity Campaign


SRC - Zadro Agency


  • To create a campaign to address the changed marketplace competition i.e. large players who have entered the full production and staging arena.
  • To promote the custom solutions offered by SRC for those who want a specialised custom service.
  • To raise the profile of SRC in this category of staging, especially among younger Event Producers.


  • Zadro developed a campaign to target creative event producers who want to do something different and special; and advocate for the event producer profession.
  • Zadro developed a campaign brand, which was an extension of the current SRC brand, and artwork for all channels including website, eNewsletters and social media.
  • Zadro developed videos for use on social media and website.
  • Zadro developed key messages around SRC’s custom and creative approach, and the resources available to event producers.
  • Zadro wrote content for website, eNewsletters and social media.
  • Zadro supported the campaign with industry-media public relations.


  • Achieved above average open rates for all eNewsletters.
    Strong social media engagement.
  • High video view rates.
  • 6 pieces of PR coverage achieved with over 100,000 estimated coverage views.
  • The messaging has been integrated into SRC communications after the campaign to continue to reinforce the message.