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Scouts NSW Know It. Live It. Log It. Brand Development


Scouts NSW
Scouts NSW - Zadro Agency


  • To educate Scouts NSW’s internal and external stakeholders about youth safety
  • To raise awareness of the best practice in safeguarding youth among the Scouting community
  • To communicate the Scouts NSW safeguarding commitment statement
  • To raise awareness of Scouts NSW’s safeguarding initiatives and policies


  • Zadro held a strategy session, conducted a survey and conducted interviews with various stakeholders of Scouts NSW to ensure a highly consultative approach
  • Zadro devised a creative communications campaign, device and brand to connect with the stakeholder groups
  • Zadro developed a framework for implementation with strategies across multiple channels
  • Zadro developed a communications and marketing strategy and implementation plan


  • Zadro developed the project brand – Know It. Live It. Log It. Safe fun for All – to strategically deliver the education messages of the project
  • Zadro developed a suite of printed and digital assets to deliver the messages of the project across all channels, which can be used ongoingly
  • Videos were produced to communicate the education project to youth audiences and to adult audiences involved in Scouts NSW
  • Positive feedback was received from the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian about the projects’ ability to address and achieve Child Safe Standards
  • Scouts NSW were invited by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian to speak at a forum as a leader in the youth protection space and regarded as industry best in this area