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NSW Health Creative Concept Brought to Life


NSW Health – South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SES)
SES - Zadro Agency


  • To create a simple, interactive device to support Munch N Move, a NSW Health Initiative with a focus on Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) for children in Early Childhood Centre’s.
  • To support Early Childhood Educators to encourage healthy eating and physical activity using a range of learning experiences.
  • To create an easy, professional development resource to aid in training and support to early childhood educators.
  • To create a fun, complimentary child-friendly, poster for children attending Early Childhood Centre’s to support the NSW Health initiative.


  • Zadro created a resource to support early childhood educators to encourage and promote FMS development in children aged 3-5 years.
  • Zadro created a complimentary, interactive poster for early childhood centers to use the program to support the learning objectives of NSW Health
  • In addition, 13 fun monster character cards were designed to Velcro on the poster, to encourage children’s active participation in the learning of FMS development


  • Created 150 posters for distribution on Munch N Move site visits
  • The poster was tested and approved for white board markers, improving the durability and lifespan of the resource
  • Created 3,900 FMS Velcro monster character cards to be used with the posters
  • Created 150 activity books for distribution on Munch N Move site visits