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Results driven Public Relations Campaign


Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia (IPWEA)
Results driven public relations campaign - Zadro Agency


  • To continue to build on IPWEA’s profile as a leader in the Asset Management profession
  • To raise awareness of Asset Management as a critical profession
  • To further develop a thought leader profile for the CEO
  • To launch the newly developed education initiative, the Asset Management Pathway


  • Zadro developed an introduction media alert to ‘re-introduce’ industry media and introduce IPWEA to mainstream media before sending the media release announcing the new product
  • Zadro monitored industry news and developed pitches on key industry topics to secure interviews and byline opportunities
  • Zadro issued a second press release announcing the product launch to the same media that were introduced to IPWEA weeks earlier
  • Zadro reacted to the news cycle as it changed and altered the strategy to secure maximum results by leveraging the breaking news to amplify IPWEA’s message
  • Zadro turned a case study into a byline and pitched to tier 1 industry media, securing coverage and interviews on the back of the piece


  • 18 pieces of coverage achieved over a 16-week period
  • 2,393,000 potentially reached with the PR campaign
  • Secured a live broadcast interview with Ticker News for David Jenkins, CEO IPWEA
  • Secured five feature articles across key industry publications for the Asset Management Pathway Launch
  • Secured nine byline opportunities for David Jenkins during this period
Results driven public relations campaign for IPWEA - Zadro Agency
““We are very pleased, Zadro has done an outstanding job and exceeded our expectations. The team should be very proud of the results achieved. Zadro has certainly set the bar high for our future campaigns, but we have confidence in the team’s ability to continue to deliver great results.” “
David Jenkins, CEO, IPWEA