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Full Communications Strategy, Rebrand and Launch


NW GROUP - Zadro Agency


  • To understand what the new brand represents, and the brand architecture required to bring four companies together
  • To understand the experience of the brands in the eyes of the staff, clients and influencers
  • To determine the key messaging and positioning of each brand
  • To design, build and implement an all of company website


  • To implement an insights project with all staff from the four companies
  • To implement an insights project with clients and stakeholders via surveys and interviews
  • To facilitate strategic planning sessions with key personnel
  • To head up an internal launch of new positioning
  • To determine a brand architecture that will see the company set up for growth
  • To design the UX of a website that tells the unique NW Group story


  • Major insights from both the staff group and the client group which were instrumental in making major and strategic decisions for the group
  • Determined brand identities and key positioning for each of the brands
  • Worked with the group on managing internal change, moving into new offices and company successes
  • Launch of a new website that is representative of the new brand and offerings
  • Set up internal marketing staff with training and strategies to continue on with the new work