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Brand Launch and Strategic Communications


Find Aged Care
Find Aged Care – Brand Launch and Strategic Communications - Zadro Agency


  • To develop a go-to-market campaign to support the launch of Find Aged Care in Australia (Pilot program in the ACT)
  • To provide ongoing strategic communications support to deliver key messages to audiences
  • To support the development of strong relationships with partners and media


  • Zadro conducted strategic communications planning: COMM*BATTM to establish a 6-month launch engagement plan
  • Zadro developed creative concepts to leverage the ‘perfect match’ concept for launch
  • Zadro developed key messages for different audiences
  • An ongoing content calendar was developed for post-launch communications
  • Zadro established a brand kit in Canva and set up graphics templates


  • A teaser campaign was used to generate excitement in the lead up to launch
  • A complete suite of marketing materials was created
  • Find Aged Care was launched via owned marketing channels – website, email marketing, social media, direct marketing
  • New social media channels were established and managed
  • A series of blogs were written to provide informative content for all audiences
  • Videos were developed to support and extend the blog content
  • Email newsletter templates were developed to deliver on brand information to the database
  • The client is able to use Canva to create social media posts, email newsletter graphics and other visual assets