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Social Media Strategy for Australian Traditional-Medicine Society


ATMS - Zadro Agency


  • To provide a forum for ATMS member and practitioner voices on social media channels, integrating with the wider marketing and public relations plan
  • To build and grow a community of natural medicine practitioners and natural medicine therapies end-users on social media
  • To engage practitioners and the public in factual, topical discussions about ATMS and the natural medicine industry (increase social media engagement – comments, likes, shares)
    • To be the go-to place for up-to-date information on natural medicine
    • To demonstrate to natural medicine practitioners that ATMS is the first to market with news on natural medicine
    • To represent the voice of practitioners to the public
    • To provide content for practitioners to share with their audiences
  • Drive traffic to the ATMS website to:
    • Influence membership acquisition and retention
    • Connect end-users to relevant ATMS members for the provision of natural health services
    • Drive bookings for CPE events and ATMS special events


  • A B2B and B2C strategy to engage both practitioners and end-users of the natural medicine industry
  • Target key audiences and maximise budget with advertising
  • Targeted campaign strategies across each channel to maximise engagement and relevance
    • Facebook:
      • 3 posts per week
      • 80/20 content rule
    • LinkedIn:
      • 3 posts per week
      • Government and research focused
    • Instagram:
      • Launch an Instagram account
      • 3 posts per week – focus on modalities, health and wellbeing


  • In 15-months Zadro assisted to successfully reach and exceed the set goals across the social media channels
    • Facebook:
      • Increased ATMS likes and followers – from 16,000 to 34,000
      • Increased average post engagement from 216 to 523 interactions per post
    • LinkedIn:
      • Increased ATMS followers – from 762 to 2,616
      • Increased average post engagement – clicks, likes and comments
    • Instagram:
      • Acquired over 1,000 followers in the first month