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Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM)


Australasian Society for Ultrasound in Medicine (ASUM)
ASUM - Zadro Agency


Zadro has worked with ASUM since 2017 across more than 25 individual projects, ranging from COMM*BATTM strategy sessions through to smaller design tasks.


  • To help ASUM achieve strategic business goals
  • To reinforce and build ASUM’s positioning as Australasia’s leading choice for ultrasound industry professionals
  • To develop a strategic approach to communications around the organisation and annual conference
  • To develop consistent and cost-effective marketing and content plans encompassing all channels including website, email marketing and social media


  • Zadro has conducted several COMM*BATTM strategy sessions to develop marketing and content plans for the organisation and annual conference
  • Brand refinement, expansion and new brand development has helped to create a consistent and powerful brand resulting in strong brand presence
  • Zadro has conducted surveys to gain insights into ASUM audiences to inform strategy
  • A communications strategy was developed to manage a significant change in product offering
  • Strategic communications plans have been developed for the ASUM annual conference to build awareness of the event and attract delegates
  • Zadro’s training product, Zadro University (ZU), has been used to upskill and empower the internal ASUM team to successfully execute their marketing and communications


  • The long-term relationship has enabled Zadro to develop a deep understanding of ASUM and its team, and subsequently work successfully as an extension of the organisation and as a trusted marketing communications advisor
  • The design and brand work has created a strong brand presence reinforcing ASUM as Australasia’s leading choice for ultrasound industry professionals
  • Insights from audience surveys have been used to guide business decisions as well as communications
  • Clear marketing and content plans developed by Zadro have been able to be executed successfully by the internal ASUM team
  • Zadro has delivered many professional and attractive pieces of collateral including three annual reports, thank you cards, pull up banners and infographics
  • Zadro and ASUM’s relationship continues to develop and grow to achieve ASUM’s goals and objectives
“The team at ASUM have worked with Zadro over a number of years, ranging from specific campaigns, branding, communications and more recently to provide a clear strategy for communications for the entire team. Zadro took the time to understand ASUM and our membership, while ensuring that costs were managed for the best outcome for ASUM. They have always been generous with their time, responsive and willing to help with any request, whether we are bouncing an idea around to more structured and professional advice. Marketing and communication assets were a major project with Zadro providing expertise from all marketing angles to provide us with working documents to enable easy and cost-effective changes. I cannot recommend the team at Zadro highly enough!”
Lyndal Macpherson, CEO, ASUM