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A Place to Grow Communications Campaign


A Place to Grow Campaign - Zadro Agency


  • To reduce the workloads of the Unit and District leaders directly related to the recruitment and retention of members.
  • To articulate a strong message about what Girl Guides is, can offer and provide young women and the community.
  • To link the great marketing and promotion initiatives of the Girl Guides NSW/ACT community together to leverage their collective power.
  • To produce communications that speak to all Guiding decision makers (and influencers) not just the Girls.
  • To support strong relationships between Girls, volunteers and parents and the state-based brand/organisation to foster loyalty, advocacy and retention beyond the Units.


  • Zadro designed and delivered an insights project to better understand past and current Girl Guides, parents and volunteers.
  • Zadro created an integrated communications campaign to engage Girl Guides, parents, volunteers and the wider community; it was called A Place To Grow.
  • Zadro supported the Girl Guides community, engaging with 540 Units to promote the campaign during Girl Guides Month with templates, PR releases, presentations and social media content in a detailed marketing kit.
  • Zadro designed marketing collateral for Girl Guides to use across all of their channels and also directed the publication of this content.


  • Successfully launched this  grass-roots recruitment and retention campaign for Girl Guides NSW and ACT.
  • Engaged with wider audiences increasing membership enquires by 600% in May.
  • Reached 194% more people on Facebook in May than the previous month.
  • Increased engagements by 134% on Facebook compared to the previous month.
  • Achieved 8 media clippings for the campaign in May.