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What I learnt in 3 days at Zadro

What I learnt in 3 days at Zadro - Zadro Agency

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By Amy S, Year 10 Student.


In November 2019, I undertook work experience at Zadro Agency. As a Year 10 student with an interest in studying communications, I went into this experience with the aim of learning about the industry and the diverse range of services included under ‘communications’. The team at Zadro was very welcoming and I had the privilege of observing office and client meetings, speaking to staff about their experiences and exploring Zadro’s extensive work portfolio.

Over the three days I learned so much from the Zadro staff which I have narrowed down into five valuable lessons:

1. Strategic thinking: Zadro’s marketing and PR campaigns are successful because they are a result of strategic and innovative thinking. Whether it’s designing a new website or using social media to reach a new audience, it’s important to be strategic and stand out for the right reasons.

2. Clear communication is vital: I have seen firsthand the importance of information, especially around objectives, specifications and expectations. This prevents miscommunication, allows the strategy to progress on time and ensures you are working towards the same vision.

3. Positive workplace culture: Zadro has shown me that fostering a positive workplace culture is beneficial as it boosts morale and encourages staff to be supportive of one another; resulting in better teamwork, communication, and an environment in which you feel comfortable asking for help.

4. Evolving industry: In the past decade, social media platforms have revolutionised how marketers are able to reach an audience and collect data on the success of campaign. Based on this, there’s no predicting what the future holds for the industry as it continues to evolve and grow.

5. Range of pathways: A misconception I had prior to talking to the staff at Zadro: there is only one correct path to go down when trying to enter the communications industry. I was surprised to learn the team had diverse backgrounds, having completed degrees in a variety of fields and worked in a range of jobs in different cities before working for Zadro. This reassured me that I don’t have to worry about following a rigid path to end up working in communications.

I’m very glad I chose to complete work experience at Zadro as it gave me real insights into the work they do, how they communicate with clients, and confirmed my interest in working in communications in the future. I would recommend this experience to anyone else my age looking to learn about jobs in marketing and PR.