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Here’s to strong women.

Here's to strong women. - Zadro Agency

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March is a month close to our hearts. Monday 8 March was International Women’s Day and in the US, March is Women’s History Month – we hope this will soon be officially acknowledged in Australia also.

And so, as March comes to a close, we want to take this opportunity to celebrate women one more time (can never do this enough!).

The Zadettes have shared some of the women who have inspired and influenced us; key moments in history that women have been a part of; and our hopes for the future – what we would love to see happen in our lifetimes.

Here’s to strong women.

May we know them, may we support them, may we be them, may we raise them.


            Is Inspired by…

Brittany Higgins and every woman whose name we don’t know, who has called out sexism, abuse and harassment in the workplace – both overt and subtle, in the face of strong resistance and with the threat of their reputation and dignity being questioned and torn to shreds. Their bravery and strength lays the path of opportunity for those who follow.

            Looking back and looking forward…

Edith Cowen, who was the first Australian woman to serve as a MP – she’s also on our $50 note! She had a life dedicated to fighting for social and justice issues in the legal system, especially in regard to women and children. She helped found the Karrakatta Club, in which women ‘educated themselves for the kind of life they believed they out to be able to take’.

Every migrant woman who has come to Australia with or without English, with or without education, with or without financial agency, who has raised children, strengthened community groups, cared for others and created a future for them and their families.


            Is inspired by…

Ita Buttrose has been an incredible pioneer as a journalist, editor and businesswoman. Just a few of her accolades: founding editor of Cleo, which pushed boundaries at the time; the first woman to edit a major Australian metropolitan newspaper; the first woman to serve on the board of directors of News Limited; and now the chair of the ABC. I also love her iconic matching lipstick and nail colour, and fabulous sense of humour.

            Looking back and looking forward…

The women’s suffrage movement was a key milestone in the fight towards gender equality.

What I would like to see in my lifetime is that events such as International Women’s Day will be an opportunity to celebrate women for everything that we should be celebrated for and will no longer be needed as a platform for driving gender equality – that conversation will no longer be relevant.


            Is inspired by…

Jackie Frank, founding editor of Marie Claire Australia, and editor for 20 years. I always loved reading the mix of stories which focused on empowering women and highlighting important issues. After leaving Marie Claire, Jackie started Be Frank Group, a business about engaging with the female economy. I am inspired by her drive and creativity to reach audiences in often fun, light and interesting ways, while still talking about serious issues.

            Looking back and looking forward…

The honourable, Julia Gillard, former PM of Australia. As the first woman to be appointed as the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard paved the way for women to have a more solid standing in Parliament House. Her speech in 2012, addressing the sexism and misogyny in Government, is still as relevant now as ever, women not only deserve the right to be in leadership and have equality, but they also deserve to be treated with respect; we are and have been for a long time more than “housewives”.

Earlier this month, the #March4Justice protested the gendered violence within the Government and across the country, with messages targeted towards addressing the “behaviour unspoken, behaviour ignored, is behaviour endorsed”.


            Is inspired by…

Christine Pope – ATMS, COSBOA, Small Business, Naturopath. Christine inspires me all the time as an Association leader with her resilience and dedication to making change in the world of natural medicine, health and small business. She always stands up for what she believes in, and she always takes the time to check in and see if we’re OK – even though she is our client!


            Is inspired by…

One female small business owner I really admire is my photography mentor and now friend Gabby Secomb-Flegg, the owner of Ambedo Photography. I admire the way she has pivoted her business in the last 12 months from wedding photography (and surviving all her cancellations in 2020) to shooting more editorial projects. Gabby has also started her own online photography school teaching newbie photographers (like myself) in a way that is simple and easy to understand, and in the process has made her business more successful than it was before the pandemic.

            Looking back and looking forward…

Julia Gillard being elected the first female Prime Minister of Australia (and that amazing misogyny speech). In the future, I’d like to see more women in politics and being responsible for making decisions and creating legislation that will have a positive impact on this country. I also really look forward to the day when the gender pay gap no longer exists, and women can feel safe to get on with their lives without worrying about their safety (all of which would move a lot quicker with laws and policies that address these issues).


            Is inspired by…

Marie Curie. Why? I love science! To this day Curie is the only person, regardless of gender, to receive Noble prizes for two different sciences.

            Looking back and looking forward…

I’d like to see women excelling in science today. There should be so much extra funding due to COVID – it’s our chance to shine.