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A guide to integrated digital marketing

A guide to integrated digital marketing - Zadro Agency

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In an era of smartphones, tablets, and other connective devices that allow consumers all-hours access to your content, integration in the digital space is critically important.

A coordinated digital advertising strategy is 2016’s must-have marketing item. However, simply using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) applications in isolation isn’t enough to guarantee marketing success online. This is where the concept of integration comes in.

Working Together

When developing your online marketing presence, it is imperative that all of the channels you employ are working towards achieving the same goal. This sounds like common sense advice in theory, but many businesses overlook this step, instead using different objectives and metrics for each individual channel that only end up conflicting with one another, creating inefficiencies.

For example, many businesses, when employing digital advertising aim only to generate clicks through to their website, lacking proper thought as to what consumers will do once they have arrived at their destination. A website left un-optimised for PPC and SEO traffic means that organisations will lose consumer attention and consequently, their business, if the site has a poor user experience.

In contrast, a business running an integrated digital marketing strategy can properly direct the flow of web-traffic provided by SEO and PPC, converting it into sales and repeat transactions.

Content Is Still King

Website content only works if it is up to date, easily accessible and is reflective of the digital advertising that has been implemented. A consumer friendly website is vital, as it serves to complement the objectives of digital advertising (finding new audiences) by persuading them to take that final step from looking at your webpage to purchasing from it.

The consumer experience starts from when they first search for your services to the moment they give you feedback over Facebook.

The implementation of PPC & SEO strategies draws in potential consumers looking for information, which will direct them to the business’ website and social channels – which when optimised for ease of use, are more likely to generate successful sales. Engaged consumers are then directed through to leave feedback on social media, which helps to generate both repeat sales and builds brand reputation. From here the cycle repeats.

Does digital integration sound right for your business? Zadro is the expert in creating and pulling together integrated digital strategies, and can assist in optimising your online space. Ask us about developing a digital strategy for your business, event or organisation today. Call 02 9212 7867.