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Zadro Strategy Day with a fruity twist

Zadro Strategy Day with a fruity twist - Zadro Agency

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Zadro believe in, and recognise the value of, team strategy days. So much so, we hold our own twice a year.

The Zadro team “down tools” for a day offsite (ensuring maximum focus and minimal distractions, just as we advise our clients to do!) and spend the day looking at what we’ve achieved, setting goals, mapping how we will get there and nurturing our team relationships.

For our recent EOFY strategy day, we did something a little different; we invited an external facilitator to host a team building session.

This strategy session was to help us find out what fruit each of us are; sounds a little odd, but read on, it was truly enlightening!

Lynne Schinella, Australian keynote speaker, facilitator and public speaking coach with decades of experience helping people communicate effectively, conducted a session of self-reflection to help us not only understand ourselves better, but also understand each other more.

Lynne created the RIPE Personality Profiling System in 2004. It helps you to identify whether you’re an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana; with each fruit having its own behavioural tendencies, characteristics, strengths and challenges.

As it turned out, the Zadro team is a real fruit salad mix!

By the end of the session we each identified as (predominantly) one of the four fruits, had an increased self-awareness of our individual strengths and challenges, had a greater understanding of our team mates, and were armed with the tools to improve our skills in working and communicating with others – especially those dissimilar to ourselves.

So why find out what fruit we are? What is the purpose, where is the value, why bother?

Constant change and competition in the market means we need to keep our productivity up and engage strategies to help manage our stress levels. A significant factor of stress in the workplace is triggered by other people who are not like us, whether it’s internal or external.

The key to an easier, more productive workplace is to understand both yourself and others. If you can gain insights into how you may be perceived, understand why you connect with some people more than others, appreciate the different motivators that drive the people around you (and how best to communicate with them), you’ll be able to create a more harmonious and effective team.

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