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You could build something if you wanted to

You could build something if you wanted to - Zadro Agency

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If you were inclined, ready, willing or just here, you could build something. Something beautiful, something bold, something fragile, something memorable or irresistible to touch.

Or you could just follow the brief, to the letter, say ‘you didn’t say this or that’ you didn’t say not to, no one told me, or pick one word from the thousands shared and state your claim on that because you have an idea closely woven around that one idea. And you aren’t going to budge.

However, if you wanted to, you could re-imagine, dream it large, push out the boundaries with two hands out in front of you grunting, sweating and swearing from the effort it takes to push established brick walls with foundations 100 feet deep an inch out of their comfort zones. At least you’d be remembered. At least you could go home that day feeling tired from the effort and sleep the sleep of the satisfied.

At most you could make a change, a real difference to someone’s life and bring a new perspective into viewing.

If you wanted to.