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Working from home tips to Communicate Better

Working from home tips to Communicate Better - Zadro Agency

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The coronavirus has meant that many of us are now working from home, however, working from home became a part of my everyday life when I moved interstate in 2016. I was in a new city and had to adapt to a new way of working after being in an office my whole career.

When you’re outside a typical office setting, on your own and in need to find a routine, it’s a matter of trialing to see what works for you. Over the last 3.5 years, I’ve found these 5 tips to working from home have helped me actually work and keep sane!

My top 5 tips for working from home:

  1. Have a shower, get dressed, and, if you wear makeup – put some on. You’ll feel better and if you DO need to leave the house, there is no barrier.
  2. Have a designated workspace, create a space that is work appropriate. Try to only use one designated workspace. If you have the luxury of space (e.g. a spare room) try to set up there during working hours and avoid it when you are not working. If you are working in your bedroom, living room etc… tidy and pack up your space at the end of each day to ritualise the end of ‘work time’.
  3. On Monday morning (or everyday) introduce a separator from work time and home time. After breakfast, go for a walk around the block… when you come home… that’s when work starts.
  4. Have a lunch break. Don’t eat at your computer. Think about pre-preparing your lunch in the morning so it’s ready to go when you get hungry and you don’t have dishes interrupting your day (minimise the barriers).
  5. Walk and talk. If you have a meeting which doesn’t have to be in front of the computer; use it as an opportunity to leave the house.

Communicating Better during these times is about finding a rhythm so you can do the job you’re being paid to do and enjoy it as well.