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Managing a communications agency is not easy. It’s like trying to lasso a runaway train. The speed of change in our industry is Pharlap-quick and the glitzy lights of the latest digital solution sometimes blinding. Having said that, I sleep well at night (when the little one allows) because I know that I’ve staked our business on solid and steady tracks that any runaway train might need – strategy.

Ten years ago when the idea of Zadro was forming, the inspirational spark was frustration. Why did I have to brief two lots of people (copywriter and designer) in separate companies to do work on the same piece of collateral? Why was I spending my time telling the same story over and over, in a giant game of expensive Chinese whispers that got tangled and twisted like a vine over a garden arch? As someone who likes to just get on with it, I found the process slow and convoluted.

Integrated communications was the utopia of business marketing a decade ago. But the realities of putting this into place were considered mountainous by those managing the day-to-day of the business in the ‘real world’. However, not one to be perturbed by a challenge, I designed a company that had integrated communications at its core and strategy as its DNA. I even created our own product COMM*BAT™ to help us support our clients to have great strategy.  And in hindsight, it is probably one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Regardless of how many channels a brand has, its PR activities or its social audiences, what has remained the same almost ten years on is the need for a strong, clear, effective plan of attack that funnels all the different ideas into one strategic communications plan. It is essential to establishing sound businesses.  The plan answers the major questions; Where do we want to go? What do you want to say? Why should someone buy from us? Who do we want to talk to and what are the major steps we are going to take to get to our desired destination.

Companies who have communication strategy days always feel the benefit of a united team, identified focus and a strong consensus for the direction of their company.

A company with a plan of attack, is not only energised, focused and motivated, they are solid in their foundations and on the railroads to success.

Find out how Zadro could help you get your strategic communications plan ready for 2017.