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What does communicate better mean?

What does communicate better mean? - Zadro Agency

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Communication is the source of success in business, and in life.

It’s how we work out who we are in the world, how we make our contribution, how we learn, how we share, how we connect, it’s how we get ‘stuff’ done, and being able to communicate well and clearly is important to all of us.

The first rule of communication is to listen, and assume you know less than everyone else around you.

Businesses need to stop and listen to your audiences; your clients, your prospects, the industry, and most importantly, your staff; and, hear what they are saying.

When we can listen openly, and without agenda, the insights gained can be very influential on how we communicate externally and internally within our organisation. We need to communicate better as individuals and as organisations because the world around us is noisier than ever before.

We are receiving messages all the time – 24/7 – in our homes, in our workplaces, in our communities, through our families, through friends. Even though we have more opportunities to communicate with each other, particularly using digital platforms, it feels like people aren’t listening, they are tuning out. There is a wall of noise which never existed as it does today; our mission is to cut through the noise.

Communicating better is about much more than your services and products, it is about understanding who you are, what your value is as an organisation to the world and what your point of difference is; when we can communicate those things, clearly, frequently, and with passion, that is when we can cut through the wall of noise.

Communicate better means something different to everybody, every person, and every company. It could be more sales, a higher retention of staff and clients, it could be a different positioning in market, or an increased brand awareness. It’s about looking at what you are doing as a community, as a company, as an employer, as a supplier, and where you are today and moving forward in the direction you need to go to fulfill your vision.

Zadro has been in the business of communication for nearly 13 years; we’ve seen the evolvement of business communication, trends emerge and influence the landscape, channels come and go. However, throughout all the changes, we have always known one thing: communication is the source of success in business. It has never been more important to communicate better.

Stay tuned for the next blog in our Communicate BetterTM series when we share with you what you can do to communicate better.