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The power of thought leadership articles

The power of thought leadership articles - Zadro Agency

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The media landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and this has significantly impacted the practice of public relations (PR). Media outlets have gone from having a well-staffed office to a very lean team (some smaller publications only have one or two journalists) with most working remotely. This creates challenges when pitching PR stories as the volume of news is the same, however there are less journalists to cover it.

As a result, PR professionals are sharing the content load by producing ready-to-publish thought leadership articles authored by an executive from an organisation. Thought leadership articles are a great way to engage with media and continue to build relationships while achieving coverage when you don’t necessarily have news.

Thought leadership articles can be more powerful than a press release if developed strategically, i.e. linking to core business goals and/or industry challenges, and they are a great tool to influence the perception of an organisation and positively impact the executive’s profile.

Below are three reasons why thought leadership articles are so powerful:

1. They can effectively raise awareness

Pitching thought leadership articles is a great way to introduce the executive to media and highlight the topics they can speak to; this way if the journalist is ever looking for an expert to comment – they know who to call.

They also help to kick start or boost the profile of the author in their industry and wider business community especially as their bio and head shot often accompany the piece.

2. You have greater control of the message

You (or your PR team) are writing the final article that will be published which means you have full control over the messaging and can ensure it aligns with your strategic objectives. It is important not to “sell” in the article and this is generally not allowed by media outlets when publishing for free. The key is to focus on the big picture i.e. the challenges that your industry is facing and how they can be overcome.

For example, if you sell remote work technology, don’t list your products and their features, instead focus on a key challenge your product addresses: Building the bridge between remote employees and their managers – our top tips for staying connected.

3. They build your credibility

By sharing your insights and providing value, you are demonstrating your expertise and building your credibility. The more you appear in relevant and trusted industry media, the more you reinforce your credibility.

Thought leadership articles do take time and resources to produce, however, the value they deliver to individuals and the organisation is high. It is an avenue worth investing in to position your organisation as a key leader within in your industry.

If you would like to find out more information about the process of writing a thought leadership article or brainstorm topic ideas – get in touch with us!