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What I learnt as an intern at a communications agency

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In 2023, I completed my internship at Zadro over the course of a busy and exciting month, during a mid-year break following my very first semester at Sydney University.

I began my journey at Zadro with only a faint idea of what a communications agency did. When I (reluctantly) left at the end of my internship, not only did I understand what they, as professional communicators do, but I also had my heart stolen by the excitement and diversity of the profession.


I was both extremely eager and nervous for the opportunity I’d been given, this was my chance to exercise my creative mind in a professional setting. Whether it was drafting blogs, working on a PowerPoint, or even supplying editorial feedback; no task was too small. Each project required varied creative skills to produce the best outcome.

One of the big things I noticed, was the importance of creative thinking. Each project was carefully considered, reworked, and reviewed to match the client’s vision and overarching strategy. Every unique idea and input from the team yielded a distinctive outcome. As no two minds are the same, having many eyes on a project allowed for multiple perspectives and varied feedback.

I’ve been told my whole life that chasing a creative job is no easy feat, that an arts degree doesn’t ensure a career, and that it will take hard work and effort to find myself somewhere that both pays the bills, and keeps my creative side stimulated. My time at Zadro showed me that it is possible to have a stable job (although no day in comms is the same!) that also allows me to express creative freedom.


The majority of my nerves before commencing my internship came from one simple fact: I had absolutely no experience with communications, nor did I properly understand what it was. These nerves were quickly dispelled.

Each member of Zadro valued my fresh set of eyes and listened attentively to my questions, feedback, and concerns. They did not approach having an intern as someone naive and unskilled; and trusted me to be involved in valuable client work I did not spend my month carrying out menial tasks or twiddling my thumbs.

Zadro begins each week with a staff meeting, where the team discusses their agenda, priorities, challenges, and gives a shout-out to someone who supported them the week prior. By beginning each week with such positive interactions, it sets the team up for a strong, productive week ahead.

Each member of the team contributes uniquely to each project by lending their skills; the joint effort of multiple people allows for multiple perspectives and opinions, which enhance the final result.

Every member of the team was also always happy to lend a hand. Teamwork is vital.


Anyone who’s ever written anything is familiar with the process of editing. Throughout school I was frequently told by frustrated teachers to edit my work. I had a bad habit of submitting to the romantic idea of a perfect first draft. The editing process is especially important in a professional setting.

Zadro employs a rigorous editing and proofreading process. By reviewing, editing, and reviewing again, it ensures the work produced is as near to perfect as possible. While a misplaced comma or a double space may not seem like a big mistake, it communicates carelessness and haste. Attention to detail matters.


The Zadro team gave me a plethora of useful advice throughout my time there, but one idea continued to resurface. Carpe diem, jump at every chance, answer when opportunity knocks.

Every opportunity that crosses your path contains a learning experience. While it’s incredibly easy to remain in our comfort zones, pushing ourselves to discover more will unlock doors previously undiscovered.

If I had not said ‘YES!’ when the opportunity to work with Zadro appeared, I would not have discovered my interest in communications and been given an idea of where I could guide my career. Lightning strike opportunities may contain the knowledge that shapes your life; and if they don’t, you’ve still walked away knowing more than you did.

I look forward to discovering more about the professional opportunities out there and how I can take my passion for creative writing into my future career.

About Stella

Stella is a first-year student studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literature and Creative Writing, at Sydney University. Stella spent a month with Zadro as a communication intern in 2023.