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Five skills to master for a successful event

Five skills to master for a successful event - Zadro Agency

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Mastering a successful event is all about an integrated approach using every discipline possible to draw in your audience and deliver a lasting impression, while achieving a satisfactory return on investment.

Here are the top five skills needed to pull off a successful event:

1. Strategic communications planning – Caught up in the logistics of putting the event together? Remember to plan, plan, plan your communications, and you will reap the rewards. With some forward thinking, not only will you create a strong direction and consensus among the stakeholders, getting your plan sorted at the start will help you achieve optimal results and save you lots of time, money and hassles down the track.

Zadro has a tried and tested method called Event COMM*BAT which is a tailored and facilitated strategic planning session for you event.

Event COMM*BAT was developed by undertaking extensive research into strategic best practice which was distilled into a one-day agenda for busy companies. It’s a proven process that Zadro has worked on for many years.

Think of your next event like going into ‘combat’ – would you want to go ahead without a proper plan.

2. Copywriting – With so many different platforms of communications now to consider, each with their own unique approach to language, the skill of effective copywriting and choosing a ‘tone of voice’ for each marketing channel has never been more important. From the very beginning confirm and align the event key messages then make sure the key messages are pushed across all your communication channels to create a powerful and integrated message.

3. Design – To go with those amazing words, you will need order klonopin online some great design. For example, on social media it’s a proven fact that people are more likely to click, share or like a post with a unique image. And what about designing, your exhibition stand, posters, marketing emails, or merchandise? The list goes on and on. So you can see why design is a definite must-have.

4. Public relations – No longer just the art of pumping out press releases to the media, public relations is all about having an integrated approach. It encompasses social media, such as setting up pages and communities for an event and getting the right messages out to the right audience, offering traditional and online media access to your event’s experts and perhaps targeting successful and relevant bloggers and online influencers who can also spread the word.

5. Social media – No matter whether your event is a conference, gala dinner, awards night or trade show, social media can play a vital role at engaging your audience before, during and after the event. Why not ask you audience for their input into the program and the speakers they want to hear from? Utilise and connect via customised hashtags; or conduct live streaming for part of the event. You can even make your event ‘immortal’ and extend its life by uploading the best bits onto YouTube or creating a photo album on Facebook.

Hats off to you if you can master all of the above skills and bring them together for you next event. Our multidisciplinary team at Zadro can help, with communications, marketing and public relations as well as a full-service in-house design studio.