The A-B-C of building a social media presence

The A-B-C of building a social media presence - Zadro Agency

Social media platforms are constantly changing how you reach your people, how you engage them and how your success is determined.

A key part of an integrated marketing strategy is social media. Ensuring that you use the platforms, so they work for you is important to deliver the best results.


Where are they and who are they?

With so many platforms and channels for communication, the biggest question is which one(s) to use? To answer this, you need to know where your people are. You can choose to be on every channel, however, if your people aren’t there you will be wasting precious resources and it will not deliver the results you want.

You also need to know who your audience is – age group, industry, interests, values, behaviours. By identifying your audiences, you can ensure that your social media is strategic and purpose driven.

If you already know where your audience is and who they are, that’s great, however, with so many changes to social platforms and changes in user behaviour, it may be the right time to review your audience and customer profiles.

Better engagement

We often view social media as one of our main channels of communication, and it is, however, to maximise engagement, we need to play by the rules set by the platform. Once you’ve determined where your audience is and what social media channels work for you, it’s important that you also understand how the platforms work and what they value organically.

How do you do this and what might it look like?

Organically, this could include:

  • Using more video
  • Finding ways to keep audiences on your feed longer
  • Generating more likes or comments on updates and posts

Once you’ve addressed your strategies to achieve organic engagement, you can then look at your paid social media AKA advertising – this is where knowing your audience will really pay off. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t get instant results, advertising can be a bit of trial and error. Try to analyse why a campaign didn’t work, e.g. was there too much text on the graphic? and use your learnings in your next paid campaign.

The great news with paid social media is that you can start with a small budget and increase it as you wish, and you can set a finite budget and rest easy that there will be no bill shock!


Consistency is key; you need to stay true to your established brand, style guide and key messages and be consistently active to drive your social media activity for success.

Differing tones, mismatched imagery, frequent changes in the number and frequency of posts can all have a negative effect on how audiences view your feed.

A social media handbook can be a great tool to ensure your whole team are using your channels consistently. If it’s time for a social media audit and refreshed strategy, ask us how we can help you build a consistent social media presence that will appeal to your audience and improve your social media engagement.

11 things you can do for your marketing right now

11 things you can do for your marketing right now - Zadro Agency

The repeated lockdowns across Australia are having an immense impact on business; all reports indicate that for now, snap lockdowns will be a part of life and business for the meantime.

If you find yourself with some time on your hands (not for those home schooling!) what about getting to your marketing to-do list? There are plenty of things you could do for your own marketing right now.

Here’s a list of ideas from the Zadro team to keep you and your team motivated, productive and give your marketing channels a polish.

  1. Review and revise your marketing strategy. Marketing and communications strategies should be reviewed annually. When was the last time you looked at yours to check what’s working, what’s not, and set new goals? Now is also a great time to clear the decks and get creative.
  2. Audit and activate your social media. Ensure your company and key staff member’s LinkedIn profiles are current and ask your contacts and clients (past and present) for recommendations. If you have other social media channels, check they are up to date including your About Us and Rules of Engagement sections, cover images and you’ve responded to messages. Now is a good time to write some posts for the next few weeks which you can schedule using the Business Suite.
  3. Update your website. Review your website with fresh eyes and ask, is the content up to date, are the images current, does it reflect your changed focus, and are there any broken links? Now is a great time to learn how to update your website and do an audit of all your web pages.
  4. Write blogs, case studies and content. You may not publish them all now, however, it is a good idea to work out what case studies you want and get to work! Write blogs based on the questions you get asked from clients, and compile lists of advice for articles!
  5. Refresh your marketing materials. Do you need to update your collateral, or create some new documentation? Are your brochures, leave-behinds, info sheets, pitch documents, etc. communicating your key messages and giving prospective clients great reasons to choose you? Print them all and lay them out on a table – you’ll quickly see the inconsistencies and what your prospects are seeing.
  6. Review, update and consolidate your templates. Templates tend to morph over time! Now is the time to reset your templates and ensure everyone is using the same and most up to date versions.
  7. Learn a new marketing skill. There are plenty of online courses and webinars to choose from. Learn new marketing skills, explore different channels and the best ways to use them, or take the time to learn how to use various marketing tools such as your email marketing software.
  8. Continue to communicate with your customers and clients. Use your regular channels – website, social media, enewsletters – or jump on the phone (a communication tool making a strong comeback!) and check-in directly with them. Take the time and the opportunity to continue building your relationships.
  9. Connect and collaborate. Get in touch with your industry media and seek out opportunities to collaborate or raise the profile of your business or key personnel.
  10. Be part of the solution. If your industry is doing it tough, it is easy to criticise from the sidelines about what is happening. (re)Connect with your industry association, and get involved, be a part of the discussions, solutions and the future!
  11. Update your database. OK no one likes this job, but it is the blood supply of your marketing. Break up your database or commit to doing one letter a day (we’re up to M) and review your contacts.

The Zadro team are always here if you want to bounce ideas or have questions. Check out our other blogs for more strategic marketing and communications ideas. We also love a good chat! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via or call us on 02 8003 6819.

5 things you need to know about social media changes coming in 2021

5 things you need to know about social media changes coming in 2021 - Zadro Agency

We’ve been watching closely what the changes to social media channels will be in 2021 as a result of tighter privacy terms, digital currencies and of course, the impact of COVID-19.

It won’t surprise you to know that social media platforms have done very well during 2020, with overall growth and usage increasing across the board – the figures are pretty impressive!

5 things you need to know about social media changes coming in 2021 - Zadro Agency

The big question remains: can this momentum be maintained in 2021 and what changes are on the horizon for the New Year?


Here are my top 5 things you need to know about social media for your business.


  1. Apple update game changer

A new iPhone update will provide social media users the option to ‘opt-out’ of ads on social media channels. This is huge and could have a massive impact on the way businesses advertise on the platforms.

  1. Privacy settings to disrupt advertising

Impending changes to privacy could cripple your advertising performance. This is a serious area for discussion and with the increased publicity about what information the social channels have access to, the changes they implement next could make or break how businesses use the platforms to sell.

  1. More algorithm changes

If you’re frustrated with the rate of algorithm changes, you’re in good company as the speed of changes have ramped up these last 12 months. In 2021, we expect to see more algorithm changes which will impact reach as the channels focus once again on quality over quantity; what this means is more outcomes, less vanity metrics.

  1. Robots take over social

Facebook has one of the smartest machine learning systems in the world. Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that you place on your website; it’s an analytics tool that helps you measure how effective your Facebook ad campaigns are by monitoring the actions people take on your website. Through this you will be able to create expanded targeting options, lookalike audiences and deliver on your campaign budget better. The biggest challenge will be putting trust in the super smart machine.

  1. New year, new rules, new features, new currency
  • If you use influencers or are an influencer, it will be wise to ensure you’re playing by the rules of 2021. Sponsored content (that is, premium content a brand or company pays an influencer, in either money or product, to create and distribute) will be monitored more closely; posts must be disclosed as an #ad or #sponsored and those failing to comply – both influencer and brand/company – may cop a hefty fine
  • Gone is the shiny, highly polished mantel of influencers – people now want ‘real’. We will likely continue to see celebrity endorsements however in more authentic and relatable ways, for example, the L’Oréal At Home with Eva Longoria television ad and the humorous Ryan Reynolds commercial for Aviation Gin, with a giant “Homeschool Edition” bottle
  • On Instagram, an upgraded feature will enable the tagging of individual products – showing the product name, cost and a URL
  • In June this year, Facebook announced a global digital currency called Libra that will allow the platform’s billions of users across the globe to make financial transactions online. This currency makes cross-border payments faster and cheaper, and it is expected that Libra will start to be integrated more and more across the platform

Social media channels are continuously updating, evolving and adapting in response to how people behave – no doubt, there will be many other changes to come in 2021. The best way to approach your social media is to have a strategy that aligns with your business and marketing goals, and enables you to trial, evaluate and adapt your approach to grow your online social presence and meet objectives. If you are looking at your strategic marketing communications plans for 2021, ask us about our COMM*BAT sessions to help you start the New Year on the right foot.

It was great to get back to a F2F event post-COVID and we learnt a couple of things too

It was great to get back to a F2F event post-COVID and we learnt a couple of things too - Zadro Agency

We attended our first face-to-face business event since COVID-19 disrupted (to put it mildly) the industry in March this year. To say we, the organisers and the other delegates attending in person were excited was an understatement, and it was a big step towards the recovery of business events.

We joined 100 other people attending the event in person and over 400 joined online from around the globe in November. Held at ICC Sydney, as we headed into the once busy venue in Darling Harbour, it was hard not to notice the lack of people.

What did we take away from this experience?

  1. People are still smiling – people in the events industry are a resilient bunch!
  2. Everyone is positive about the future and the future of events
  3. Face-to-face will NEVER be replaced
  4. Having speakers on the screen and in-person works really well when you use people who know how to do it
  5. Elbow bumps in real life are fine but we can’t wait to get back to hugs – they rock
  6. Conference food is still a highlight – even if the buffet is no longer a thing
  7. Getting out of the office/home office is the best thing to inspire the mind
  8. You can make deeper connections faster with people face-to-face as opposed to via a screen
  9. Technology has come a long way in 6-months – shout out to the AV teams doing the evolving!
  10. High heels on site for a day still hurt


While the delivery of events has changed, the purpose behind them hasn’t – attendees still want to be entertained, engaged, inspired and experience it all.

We look forward to attending and working at many more face-to-face and hybrid events in 2021.

Communicate Better on your social channels

Communicate Better on your social channels - Zadro Agency

Are you unsure about what to say, when to say it and how to say it on your social channels? Then we’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled the answers to the questions we get asked most frequently and our top tips to help you communicate better on social media.

Which channel should we be on?

All social media channels are not created equal. To illustrate this, we’ll use one of the Zadro teams’ favourite things.

  • Facebook: I like coffee
  • LinkedIn: I am skilled in the art of coffee drinking
  • Instagram: Here’s a picture of my coffee
  • Twitter: I am drinking #coffee
  • TikTok: Watch a 15-60 second video of me making and drinking my coffee with music (I might dance or tell a joke)
  • Snapchat: Watch me drink a coffee
  • YouTube: This is me making a coffee, and now I’m drinking it
  • Some channels will be more appropriate for you than others – you want to choose the right channel(s) and the one(s) where your audience is.

What should we be posting about?

It’s best to have a plan about what content you want to post, however, you can post about almost anything, including:

  • Your team, what they’re up to and raise the profiles of team members
  • Anything new to your company e.g. Team members, equipment, innovations, etc.
  • Celebrations for the team or clients e.g. birthdays, anniversaries, professional achievements, award wins
  • Hot topics in your industry
  • Events you host
  • Partner/sponsor news – an easy value add!
  • How to guides
  • You can even pose questions or run a poll to encourage interaction

Be sure to mix up your content and do share other people’s relevant news e.g. industry news, new research or insights, fun and entertaining posts about your industry or products and services, or influencer comments or stories about your products or industry.

To increase your reach, ensure to include images and videos – all social channels value good imagery!

How frequently should we post?  

There’s no hard or fast rule here. If you don’t currently have a social media presence, start by consistently posting once a week per channel; whether you’re sharing content, posting an update or doing a live video, it’s the consistency which will make a difference.

Once you’re regularly posting once a week, gauge what’s happening, what engagement you’re seeing and then consider if you want to increase the frequency. Remember to take into consideration your resources and ability to manage your channels, even in the busy times – don’t disappear.

How should we respond to negativity?

You don’t have complete control over social media and so this may happen at some point. Respond promptly and publicly to the comment to advise you have sent them a private message and invite them to respond to that message. If the post is offensive – a good litmus test for this, is if it would make your grandmother blush – ‘hide’ the comment. Be active and monitor the comments, engage, say thank you; social is just that, it’s social so use it to create a dialogue directly with your audience.

Where do I get images from?

If you’re sharing a link, an image may already ‘pull through’ from the link you’re sharing. If not, Canva is a really great way to create social images, you can even add text to them.

How does social media help us Communicate Better?

Social media is a factor in your customers’ decision to buy from you, join your organisation, attend your events, listen to. If you’re not on social media, you may be missing out on reaching generations of people who rely on the channels for their information.

Want to know how you can Communicate Better on your social media? Ask the experienced team at Zadro how they can take your social channels to the next level. Check out our social media case study here.

Communicate Better: Through professionalism

Communicate Better: Through professionalism - Zadro Agency

Being professional in the workplace can mean many different things to individuals and companies – the core values of the company often dictate how we interpret what being professional means to us as an individual.

For businesses whose core identity is built around being fun, cool and friendly, dressing in a corporate suit might make you less approachable to the business’s target market. However, if you’re a corporate law firm, your clients might not view you as professionals if your staff are wearing a branded t-shirt and jeans.

Think along the lines of: Steve Jobs at Apple; Mike Cannon-Brookes at Atlassian; Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen the British interior designer – they have famously built their own professional identity into their brand.

However, being professional extends far beyond your dress code. It encompasses your behaviour, attitude, your interactions with others, the delivery of your responsibilities. I asked the team to share what they thought being professional means; here are some of their responses:

“Clean cut, respectful and considered – this goes for clothing, behaviour, attitude. To be professional you must constantly be aware of where you are, who you’re with and the way you connect in different situations.”

“Being able to get the job done while showing respect for your team. Doing what you say you are going to do. Being authentic, reliable, and courteous.”

“Holding yourself to a high standard and continually looking for improvement in yourself and helping others to raise their standards.”

Being polite, dressed appropriately, on time. Listening and really hearing the client or the person you are working with and trying to understand their point of view.”

“Leaving your personal life at the door (within reason!) and doing your job. It’s developing your own personal brand, whatever you want it to be and being reliable for your boss and your colleagues.”

As you can see, common themes of what professional means to our team emerged: respect, reliability, ethics, being a team player, listening, and manners.

What does “professional” mean to you as an individual? What does it mean to the organisation you work for? How can you leverage professionalism to communicate better? 

Stay tuned for the next blog in our Communicate BetterTM series when we look at how you can leverage some of the 2020 marketing trends to communicate better.

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