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Moonacres Product Marketing Strategy


Moonacres - Zadro Agency


  • To create an overarching brand strategy for the business to expand its products/offerings
  • To position the farm as integral to all other products and services
  • To relaunch the Kitchen along with its pop up restaurant
  • To launch a cooking school, offering classes onsite with local chefs/cooks
  • To create and engage a community, who are equally as passionate about sustainable produce, its source and most importantly sharing it
  • To partner with local suppliers to help raise the profile of the Southern Highlands/Robertson as a food destination


  • Zadro created an integrated marketing plan for Moonacres Group to develop, implement and grow the products of their business.
  • Moonacres was launched via, promoting the Farm, Kitchen and Restaurant, along with targeted eNewsletters, social media, press releases and local media support and events collaborating with other local suppliers.


  • Successfully launched the Farm, Kitchen and Restaurant as individual products of the Moonacres Group.
  • Assisted with building product awareness in the local market through press release and media relationships.
  • Marketed two summer restaurant pop ups, Jimmy Nardello, along with partnering with other local suppliers to host events that showcase local produce.
  • Built an online community on Facebook and Instagram, as well as subscribers via the eNewsletter.