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Encore Integrated Communications


ENCORE - Zadro Agency

Zadro have worked with Encore for the past eight years assisting them in all their communications from strategy, PR and marketing.



  • To support Encore’s marketing department in the delivery of strategic communications throughout 2019
  • To support in the creation of content across a variety of online and printed resources including blogs, news stories and articles
  • To create exposure in a broad cross section of target markets


  • Zadro worked closely with Encore’s marketing department to identify newsworthy events to pitch to industry media through media releases and use in marketing communications
  • Media announcements were created to promote business updates, such as new senior management team members and product launches
  • Key events were identified and case studies were produced and published on Encore’s website
  • New stories were developed for Encore’s website to promote new product launches and announcements


  • A schedule of media releases were distributed throughout the year which achieved coverage in 10 different publications
  • Encore’s website was updated with 19 pieces of new content
  • 44 pieces of coverage across 10 publications
  • 400K total audience reach