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AWE Insights and Rebrand


AWE - Zadro Agency


  • To undertake research, to develop a strategic plan and create a powerful name and brand that represents and positions the Association of Woolworths Employees (AWE) as the organisation of choice for current and ex-employees across Woolworths Limited companies in Australia and New Zealand.
  • To engage Woolworths employees, both AWE members and non-members, to gain insight into the community’s perception of AWE’s services and offers, usage, accessibility and overall brand perception. Key findings from the research would inform the AWE rebrand and ongoing strategic direction.


  • Zadro effectively engaged with AWE’s community writing and conducting a customised customer survey which was distributed via a digital platform to over 18,000 individuals nationwide, in conjunction with one-on-one interviews with AWE members. The survey results were analysed with results and recommendations on brand awareness and customer satisfaction presented to the AWE board of directors.


  • Created a comprehensive customer survey
  • Conducted five stakeholder interviews
  • The survey was opened by 37.8% of recipients and completed by over 4,431
  • Delivered a thorough customer insight report detailing research findings, strategic recommendations and a communications plan to the AWE board of directors
  • Designed and presented three powerful brand concepts to AWE’s board of directors – one brand concept was approved without additional design changes