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Membership Renewals – The Australian Dental Association


ADA - Zadro Agency


  • To raise awareness of the member benefits of The Australian Dental Association
  • To inform members of the additional advocacy, support and resources provided
  • To create a membership brochure to engage and connect with members
  • To encourage renewals through targeted communications using the Australian Dental Association’s membership base


  • Zadro created a benefit driven digital membership brochure to communicate the key reasons for dentists to renew their membership
  • The content delivered strong value propositions to support the achievements of the association during the pandemic
  • Graphic design, combined with relevant photography and messaging was used to provide a consistent and brand aligned campaign
  • An email marketing piece was delivered to support the brochure delivery


  • In a short timeline, Zadro successfully supported the launch of the association’s membership renewals campaign
  • Zadro created a value driven brochure for The Australian Dental Association to utilise in the future for both membership renewals and acquisitions