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How can you Communicate Better?

How can you Communicate Better? - Zadro Agency

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Communication is how we connect as businesses and people. It allows us to build relationships and evolve through understanding. In order to communicate better we need to stop and listen to those we are trying to communicate with and consider the context in which we are connecting – this has never been more vital given the current situation.

The communications landscape is changing constantly with multiple platforms emerging; it is hard to keep up with not only what channel you use to communicate, but how and when you should be communicating. When it comes to the choice of channels, it is critical you select the right ones to ensure you reach your audience with the greatest impact.

To communicate better, organisations need to consider their first step in the process – listening. Whilst it can be confronting and you may hear things you don’t like, you should ask your stakeholders for their honest feedback and then listen to what they are saying. It is so important to listen to the people who have the greatest influence over your organisation’s success.

Organisations can also communicate better when the internal mechanics of a company match the external representation of it; forming a seal of integrity. When you are what you say you are, everyone wins. Look at your values, key messages and goals and why you do what you do; articulate who you want to be, so that you can communicate that to the world.

Clearly determining your identity and what motivates you is a great place to start communicating from. To communicate better you need to focus on the impact you have rather than simply what you do.

Stay tuned for the next blog in our Communicate BetterTM series when we look at how you can communicate better through professionalism.