The power of video as a storytelling medium is growing rapidly. How many times (honestly) have you watched a You Tube or Facebook video this week? You’re not alone.

A recent finding from the Australian Multi-Screen Report claims that Australians spend 448 minutes (7 hours and 28 minutes) a month viewing streamed video and this consumption has grown 27 % in a year. The rise of video is part of the evolution of technology, and as well as for entertainment purposes, video is increasingly used as a marketing tool – to communicate succinctly with customers and staff.

Storytelling is a great way to engage with your customer and motivate them to use your product or service. In the sea of content we swim in; the reader needs all the bells and whistles of a multimedia experience. We want to be visually entertained, and our craving for a story and something different can be satisfied fully by video.

The video experience is a sensory feast that we’ve used to help build our clients’ brands from conception to execution. The style we specialise in is motion graphics; a creative combination of animation, graphic design and sound, where artful typography comes alive with bursts of colour, moving graphics and characters set to music.

Motion graphics videos are a bit like words literally jumping out from the page. As Forrester’s researchers say, if a picture paints 1,000 words then one minute of video is worth 1.8 million. And minutes matter in our time-poor world. That’s part of the reason why video is such a successful and impactful marketing tool. You can create a powerful piece of communication in a short space of time. Better still, video makes it easier to directly engage in a way the written word or a single image can’t, to simplify and distill a complicated message. This leads to trust and loyalty because it shows, rather than tells, your story.

So why should you use video in your marketing mix?

Video gives good ROI

So, when it comes to the nitty gritty how does this visual medium’s appeal translate into return on investment for businesses? When it comes to potential reach, video is light years ahead of other marketing channels. YouTube receives more than one billion unique visitors every month – that’s more than any other channel, Facebook excluded. Video also helps to maximise your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), because Google loves YouTube clips.

Social loves video

Video is also a great tool for social media engagement because Facebook loves video too. With more than two billion people on social media it would be foolish to ignore this channel’s huge potential for transmitting video like wildfire. Social posts with photos and videos are more likely to get retweeted on Twitter, with a 28% bump in retweets on posts with video, according to Shutterstock. Engage viewers and they will share the video with others – just think of all the videos you’ve seen lately that went viral.

Drive more digital traffic

Video successfully converts traffic. Websites with video get three times more visitors, who visit for longer, interacting with your brand. And, this converts to sales too; visitors who watch a video are 85 percent more likely to buy your product or service. Double whammy. Or was that triple? It’s no wonder video is set to account for 70 percent of all internet traffic in the next few years, up from 57% in 2012. What other type of content can give you this kind of ROI?

Our advice is to swim with the tide of this digital communication trend and add video as a tool in your marketing kit. Our talented creative team produce clients’ video content to tell stories for a range of internal and external communications purposes. We can also bring your video to life with a clever script to capture your audience with succinct messages.

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